Who we are

We are a new generation consultancy founded on the premises of the engineering excellence and empowering people to make an impact.

The Dot Collective was created because its founders thought that there must be a better way to run a modern engineering consultancy. We wanted to create a space where people’s backgrounds and stories are celebrated, talent is rewarded and access to opportunities is equitable.

Our locations

London, UKLondon, UK

Eclectic and buzzy, funky and creative - London is our heart and soul and also a home to our headquarters.

Most of our team is currently based in the UK.

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Prague, Czech RepublicPrague, Czech Republic

Famous not only for its medieval streets and breathtaking baroque and gothic architecture but also for a booming tech sector and a strong start-up eco-system - Prague has been on our list for a while.​

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Warsaw, PolandWarsaw, Poland

The latest and hardly surprising addition to our list.​

Amazing city and a fantastic talent hub - we are excited to be able to call it one of our home destinations.

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Our ethos

We do our best to live by our values – here is how.

Our ethos

On diversity

There are many dimensions to the diversity, from race, gender, age and sexual orientation to political beliefs and life choices. All these dimensions are independent from each other and it's the tapestry of various combinations of these individual dimensions that make us unique human beings.

The Dot Collective was born in London and it's not a coincidence. Same as this amazing city, we are a melting pot of different cultures and influences and celebrate our people's personal journeys, whatever shape they take.

Nice to meet you!

We are a quite a bunch, our various backgrounds and stories leading us to this one shared space. We are dot-connectors and risk takers, and most importantly, we genuinely love what we do and are rather good at it. We make things happen and try to have fun along the way.