We are a fast-growing data and cloud consultancy established in 2021

Based across the UK and Eastern Europe we are bringing you unique access to the best pools of data engineering talent in cloud-native technologies, enabled with our home-grown innovative accelerators.

Founded on the premises of the engineering excellence and empowering people to make an impact, everyone genuinely loves what they do and our clients consistently tell us we are pretty good at it!

We dare to be different, do you?

What we do

We specialise in building bespoke cloud-native data platforms for large and complex enterprises. We help you radically improve the maturity of all core data capabilities so that you can unlock competitive advantage and tangible ROI from your data and get ready for an AI era.

What we do

Business Enablement & Delivery Management

Supporting TDC teams and clients' organisations by aligning roadmaps with business goals, managing risks and dependencies and promoting a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.
Change management through effective and candid communication strategies embedded into the project cadence.

Those who trust us

Why work with us?

We are dot connectors, ambitious dreamers, pragmatic doers, and good engineers of course. We celebrate individuality and talent, do our best to live by our values and keep the focus on maximising the value you get from any of your technology investments.

Why work with us?

Agile and flexible working

We are agile in our delivery methods and overall approach - we embrace the change with candour and flexibility.

Why work with us?

We are practitioner led

We are an engineering consultancy and are proud of it. The engineering craft and best practice get the respect they deserve here. Split across UK and Eastern Europe, we have on tap access to some of the best talent pools.

Why work with us?

We operate with integrity and deliver with excellence

We live and breathe blended hybrid teams - our ways of working and a strong company culture ensures a consistently high quality of delivery irrespective of location or seniority.

We are pragmatic and easy to do business with – we hold our word and commit to delivering outcomes.

Why work with us?

We don’t underpay

Here, we said it. Here, we said it. We are the UK's only consultancy with a negative 6% gender pay gap. By working with us, you will be supporting the business that pays all its employees equitably and champions talent irrespective of gender, sex, ethnicity or religion.

Our values

Our values is a reflection of how we see the world and how we show up every day.

Our values


The Dot Collective was born of its founders dream to create a company where everyone could just be what they are, dream big and do great things. We celebrate uniqueness, quirkiness and complexity of the human nature. We believe diversity and a range of perspectives fosters a healthy and thriving work culture and generally makes the world a better place.